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Acoustical Wood Products

Acoustical Wood Products

Rulon International has been manufacturing quality acoustical wood ceilings and walls for over 30 years, with state of the art headquarters and manufacturing located in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida.  Rulon’s history of success is largely due to an unrelenting commitment to excellence in both product quality and customer service. 

Linear Wood Systems

Rulon's Linear wood system is designed to create a monolithic appearance for acoustic ceiling or wall panel applications. Attachment occurs via a friction-fit cliprail system or perpendicular furring strips. Highly stable for all sorts of applications.


Designed for high-end building projects where acoustical performance is paired with sophisticated design. Designers can choose from a variety of acoustical characteristics and panel surfaces to suit the theme and architectural and acoustic parameters

Endure and Endure Woodgrain

Rulon's Endure range of product is able to withstand exposure to the harsh, corrosive chemical environments that other ceiling systems can't. These versatile, maintenance-free systems are perfect for interiors, exteriors, acoustics, canopy ceilings, corrosive environments, pools, recreation facillities and more.

Range and Selection

A variety of wood veneers, both domestic and exotic, give the architect virtually unlimited design freedom. Rulon's manufacturing expertise allows us to provide either flat or curved panels, finished with a factory-applied clear or custom stain finish. Browse some of the extensive options, wood species and colors today.

Other Specialties

Browse through the wide range of specialty products and color selections. If you require project specific information or recommendations one of our Wallworks specialists would be happy to help you.


Frequently wood products require lengthy lead times and minimum order quantities. We’ve fixed that problem for you with this excellent collection of Quick Ship Products. Lead times 4-6 weeks and no minimum order required. Quotes can be provided within 48 hours, so you can begin planning and scheduling your project without delay.

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