Acoustic Noise Control (ANC)

Acoustical, Beautiful, Complete ...

Acoustic Noise Control (ANC), is proud to be Canada’s leading online source for soundproofing solutions, and all things acoustic for your home, office or project.   ANC offers an excellent selection of leading and cutting edge products from around the globe, suitable for all types of projects, from Small business, Renovators, and Small contractors.

It is more well known today, than ever before, that acoustic improvement brings better health and comfort to everyone.   We continue to see acoustic products integrated into every type of living space and setting, not just in professionally designed buildings but at every level of construction from industrial, all the way down to walls in your home or apartment.  This means that products have evolved to serve everyone’s needs, and for many you no longer require a high level of skill to achieve a high level result.  ANC products do deliver materials that are able to create elegant and professional looking finished products, and many of these are so affordable and easy to install, anyone with even very limited skill, is now able to create beautiful, complete acoustic details for themselves using little more than two sided tape and simple hardware.

Do you need noise control or sound absorption?

We have products to do both!  Some ANC materials work by diffusing or absorbing sound waves, and some work to block or isolate them. Whether you are soundproofing a room, soundproofing walls or you simply want to create better sound control throughout an entire building, ANC offers you a full range of acoustic and noise control materials and the installation methods you need to complete your project.  

Let ANC acoustic products inspire you with color texture and form.

ANC Acoustic products installed on the surface of the wall, not only perform well.  They come in a full spectrum of colors, are highly decorative, and can instantly create elegant designs while transforming the listening experience within a room or space.   ANC Soundproofing products are specifically designed to work inside the wall or floor cavity, and are intended to be installed prior to finishing.  These may help you reduce unwanted noise that travels into work and living areas through walls and floors from outside in, or from inside out.  Whatever your acoustic or noise control goals are, we continue to strive to bring you the products you need to achieve those results.

At ANC, Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We know that the best customer is a satisfied customer.  Our team has been providing acoustic and architectural specialties to the Canadian marketplace for over 40 years.  With the evolving needs of an educated buyer in the marketplace, we saw a need to expand our services to provide acoustic and noise control solutions to small contractors, small business owners, and DIY’ers so that everyone and anyone could improve their sound experience, using professional grade products, if desired. ANC is proud to bring you these solutions.  Our acoustic product experts would be happy to answer your questions and assist you to select products and applications that will deliver the sound results you desire!   Sound quality is a key contributor to the overall enjoyment and productivity of any space.  We make it easy for you to realize improvement immediately and see success in your installations.   

ANC’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the practical noise control solutions, attractive acoustic décor, and soundproofing products that are proven to deliver results.  We are working daily to bring to your door you the most up to date, innovative and creative solutions on the market and creating spaces designed with you in mind. 

ANC’s head office is located in Calgary Alberta, with distribution in every province, West to East, across Canada. Connect with us today.