Acoustic Noise Control®

ANC® Soundproofing, Noise Control and Decorative Acoustic materials are simple to install, and provide instant results that improve the overall experience in any area of your workplace, home or office. 


Choose Soundproofing or Acoustic Products For Your Project


... for any space

Choose from a wide range of products that you can integrate into your office, project, or business, to fit any budget or decor requirement.  

Products are always changing, and new concepts and ideas make it easier and easier to address acoustic surfacing in almost any setting.  Noise management solutions are also increasingly available and can be tailored to your space.  



...options to fit your budget

Select materials that fit within your design concept, color palette or taste.  We carry the most current and innovative options from around the globe and carefully hand pick products that will deliver strong finished results.  

Remember that every acoustically absorbing material you introduce will create some measure of benefit.  It does not have to be an all or nothing science, but rather can be approached as improvement by degrees.

Out team of buyers are constantly sourcing new information.  If there is a product you are seeking and do not find it on our website, send us an email and we may already have it in our arsenal of researched product, just waiting for you.  

eKōR acoustic 3D tiles provide simple fast wall cladding anywhere.


...for every skill level

Whether you are a home owner, business professional, contractor or home handyman, you will find products here that will both deliver a finished result and fit within your skill set.  Look for the notation regarding degree of difficulty, indicated on each product type to help you select materials that will deliver the best end results for you.  

Using a variety of acoustic materials throughout common areas can help create sumptuous spaces that influence wellness and productivity.


Unlimited Selections!

  • Wood Acoustic Products: full range of species and finishes
  • Fabric and eKoR: 40+ standard colors available for most products shown.  Custom color requests can be quoted separately and may require additional production time.
  • Paintable and printable products offer an extended range of color and design opportunities.






Professional looking results

Perfect in Every Inch

Wide selection of professional grade acoustic products designed to improve the sound experience.

Simple ideas & design

Our products are selected for simplicity in both form and application. Our goal is to make it easy for you to achieve excellent results.

Wide range of selections for every level of skill

Our available products are marked by degree of difficulty and skill level required to complete the finished installation. Most can be easily installed by a home or business owner, handyman or carpenter.


Our Products improve your space

Good sound absorption is key to crafting your own positive soundscape. By reducing the amount of distracting sound elements in a work area, a number of benefits can be observed:

  • 48% increase in focus
  • 51% drop in distraction
  • 10% fewer errors made
  • 27% reduction in stress level





Do you need Soundproofing or Acoustic Absorption?

Soundproofing materials are often contained primarily within the wall, floor or ceiling cavities. They work to diminish sound waves entering or escaping a room. Mass Loaded Vinyl products can be an excellent option for this.
MLV is a Soundproofing barrier material
Acoustic Surfacing is applied to the wall surface and may be backed by sound absorbing insulation or placed over an air space designed specifically to reduce sharp noises, background conversations, loud noises, echoing noises and overall improve the listening experience within a room. These acoustic products can be applied to a wall or ceiling or may be suspended like acoustic baffles or light fixtures.
Acoustic Panels Tiles and Products Improve your space Acoustically and Aesthetically