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Noise Control or Sound Improvements?

Acoustic barriers solutions are the preferred choice of contractors, acoustical engineers, landscape architects, and highways departments of local authorities for industrial noise control and sound isolation. All components are laboratory tested by to make sure that they specifically achieve your control targets. So Acoustic barriers solutions will help to control noise and sounds effects.

Noishield® Sound Barriers offer Lab Rated Acoustic Performance and Durable Construction

Combining multiple weather-resistant and aesthetic features in order to provide a highly durable and corrosion resistant all-weather outdoor noise control barrier panel

Noishield® Continuline Sound Barriers Concealed Structural Elements for a More Aesthetically Pleasing Sound Barrier System

Continuline offers a more aesthetically pleasing solution than a traditional barrier wall.  The finished corners and caps allow architects and customers to conceal their structural corners and supports.

Noise-Lock® Doors Architectural High-Performance Acoustic Doors

have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world.   Typical applications for acoustic doors include hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, broadcasting studios, nightclubs, museums, test cells, laboratories, plant rooms, and power stations — in fact, virtually any situation where sound must be contained within or excluded from a room or building.

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