Richter Akustik


Richter Akustik and Design produce sophisticated and economical acoustic solutions. These materials are resource efficient, sustainable and value driven. ANC offers a limited selection of prebuilt products by this outstanding producer.

Richter acoustic baffles are perforated to improve the acoustic absorption


Striking lines for perfect acoustics

Richter Acoustic-Baffles are vertically suspended acoustic wood slats that can be produced in a variety of dimensions, surfaces and perforations. The type of assembly can be adapted as required by the project


Acoustic comfort and discreet design

Richter Acoustic-RibPanels are made of slats, which are individually manufactured with different surfaces and attached to acoustic PET Felt panels. These ready-to-use elements can be easily assembled.

So simple to add acoustic grilles with prefabricated panels


Design Décor for a pleasant sound experience

 Richter Acoustic-Grilles consist of vertical slats that can be individually produced with different surfaces, widths and lengths. The slats are attached to each other using either aluminum tubes or plywood strips. These prefabricated grille elements can be attached to corresponding T-profiles of standard grid ceilings by clips.

Fantastically simple tongue and groove panels

Acoustic-Compact Panel®

The ready-made design panel

The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is a member of the successful Richter Akustik’s product  family. Its exceptional design provides a lot of possibilities for a fast paced transformation of any interior décor.  

Fantastically simple and effective acoustic T&G panels


Slat system with tongue and groove edges for fast and easy installation

Richter’s Acoustic-CompactLine® has been developed for simple and fast interior construction. The special tongue-groove-system at the edges of the slats as well as accessory parts like wall corners guarantee an easy installation and offer numerous design possibilities for commercial, residential and retail applications.

Simple and effective acoustic panels in a lobby

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